Thursday, October 15, 2009

The reversed padding....

I found out about this via a post on Twitter this morning....

@bwestradio: "Wonder jeans to help "add to your package" Just Ridiculous..."

And cue the Calvin Klein Jean Body collection...

I guess Brian was offended by Calvin's decision that men need to accentuate their package profile...
On the CK website it describes the new jean line for men as having:
"a reinforced fly for an enhanced profile."

(translation: Enhanced profile = bigger looking package)

All I can say is finally men are now about to bombarded with the same advertising we as women have been subjected to for years....hello padded bras, tops and booty reshaping underwear and jeans anyone?

Nice to know that designers are now about to start making men feel as inadequate as they have been making women feel for years.

Well at least it's cheaper than having to have plastic surgery...and no recovery pain to have to endure.

Calvin I toast you with a glass with a chilled glass of Baby Duck.

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