Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Perfect gift for a music geek....

So is the music geek in your life a hard to please kind of person when it comes to gifts?
This find on Etsy will change all this.

A clock made from a recycled JVC turntable...

Here is the description from the 'pixelthis' store:

"This clock was created using an old recycled JVC turntable and a Dire Straits album, which is replaceable. The clock movement is quartz, and requires 1 AA battery (included). The album size is 33. The entire clock measures 18"w x 14h and hangs on the wall with 2 hangars on the back. It will make a great conversation piece on your wall or a special gift for that audiophile you know who is so hard to shop for. Since these clocks are made from actual recycled turntables and albums, condition and model may vary slightly. Handmade in USA. "

Totally worth the $97.

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