Monday, October 12, 2009

Bittersweet Symphony...

Truly my most favourite song...
It's one of my chosen inner soundtracks that follows me around.
It's a prime example of popular music at it's most brilliant.

And on this Thanksgiving long weekend I am truly grateful for all the music that I have in my music blog on the Yummy Mummy Club [Bsides], iTunes, my iPod, the music loving people I follow and who follow me on Twitter and

It truly keeps my sanity in check as a stay at home mom.
And to my friends and all those who enrich and add meaning to my life..make me think, laugh and cry...thank you. You mean the world to me.

And yeah Facebook too.

This a live performance of Bittersweet Symphony...Richard Ashcroft [lead singer of The Verve] with Coldplay at Live8 in London....

What songs make up your inner soundtrack?

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Rebecca said...

This is one of our (dh and I) fav songs too! Saw ColdPlay and Richard Ashcroft 3 years ago - we got the tickets because of RA.

Also, his 'Sonnet' song will always remind me of our honeymoon - we played it often.