Monday, August 29, 2011

Le Damn Funny

MTV VMA 2011

So another MTV VMAs came and went.....and thankfully we had Twitter to vent and laugh with...really it made watching the award show tolerable and entertaining.

This goes down as one of my least favourite VMAs...there was far more 'not getting it' as opposed to 'getting it' this year. And now it's not because I exceed the MTV viewing age limit by like 20's because I have taste.

The 'black carpet' interviews were especially atrocious. I loathe 'red/white/black carpet interviews'. Unless you're Ryan Seacrest just don't even try. Really Ryan can schmooze famous people like no ones business.

The arrival show was so cringe worthy last night....bad, bad. Really MTV producers all that's needed is a smile, pose and wave by the artists. No speaking. Unless of course we have them mime their answers. That would amuse me so.

Then the award show itself.....ahhhhh so many inexplicable moments were to be had.  And yes there were some redeeming moments...but so very few.

WTF Are You Wearing....

Oh Nicki Minaj leave the outlandish outfits to Gaga - she does it 1000x better.

You Ruined the Movie 'The Outsiders' Forever For Me Because I'll Never Be Able To Look At Ralph Macchio's Character the Same Way Again....

Gaga it was cool for the first 3 minutes....and then it got tired fast. And then it completely crossed over to unbelievably annoying. (And yes I am a Gaga fan)

Ghetto "I Got Shafted Again by MTV' Tribute Award....

Oh Brit please just stay away from MTV MVAs....every time you go you end up getting the shaft and looking like an ass. The build up for your award was huge....there was more promo time given to plugging you actually receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award than the tribute itself.  It was so ghetto and so awkward. Yes the little kids and their mad Britney dancing skillz was fierce but there should have been more. And then there was Lady Gaga completely ruining the moment. If I could have reached my hand through the TV and flicked Gaga off the stage I would have.  And how did your acceptance speech turn into a introduction for Beyonce's performance? Many heads were shaking at that.

Shut the f%$#@! Up Already

Well at least Tyler. The Creator kept the tradition of provocative lyrics and profane filled Tweets during his acceptance speech....he made censor guy work for his pay check last night.  

What a Musical Performance that Actually Involves Playing Instruments?

Young The Giant - 'My Body'....well at least MTV recognized that some bands still play with instruments.

You Mean 'Bass' Can Be Pronounced Two Different Ways? Like Wow.

It occurred to me when Snooki and Sammi realized that 'bass' could be pronounced two different ways, while reading off lists of nominated videos...(it was a mind blowing revelation for them both)...that the entire cast of Jersey Shore should do a full week on 'Jeopardy'. It would reduce Alex Trebek to a whimpering host in a fetal position on stage left. First category....'Bass is Base'.  Ratings would be through the roof.

YES I Am Pregnant

Beyonce looked glam and fab and completely stole the show with her announcement that she and Jay-Z are 'expecting'. You'd think she was the only woman to ever get pregnant. But she was glowing and the smiles on her face and Jay-Z's were contagious. They be very happy.

Just In Case You Missed The Announcement...YES I Am Pregnant...

Guaranteed that from now until she gives birth, every picture taken of Beyonce will be of her holding her ever growing tummy. She's just a little happy about becoming a momma. She proved that you can still be fierce and a momma to be.

I Can Make Anything Into A Fashion Accessory

A cube for a hat.  

Best Performance & Moment Of The Night....

Thank you Adele - you saved the MTV VMAs. You made the night worth watching. You are golden and ridiculously talented. You were perfection.

Worst Performance Of The Night....

Oh Chris Brown you were beyond atrocious. The worst lip synching since Ashely Simpson on SNL. But in your case that would be karma kicking you in your ass. You looked like a complete hack. Not even your dance moves could save you. You can go away any day now.

This Is Where My Career Has Gone....

Oh Cloris. Cloris, Cloris. It was so embarrassing to watch that on-stage banter between you and the cast of Jersey Shore. You obviously pissed someone off at MTV. I felt so bad for you. 

I Am Going To Diss You and Thank You In One Breath...

Oh Katy it was a moment....letting Kanye know that in this case he could interrupt you and it would be OK and then thanked him for all his work on the was a perfect mix of awkwardness and happiness.

Goosebumps Moment...

When they showed the brief video clip of the collaboration between Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse (on Tony's upcoming Duets II album) gave me goosebumps. It was amazing. Their voices meshed together beautifully. And proved once again the undeniable talent that Amy possessed.

That's How You Do A Tribute...

Yes Bruno Mars even got a standing ovation from his sworn enemy, Tyler. The Creator. Bruno brought his own Motown inspired style to his tribute to Amy and it was perfection. Bruno you did good. 

So that was the MTV MVAs 2011....can't wait for next year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Etsy

Love Etsy.
I could seriously spend a small fortune on that site.

My latest purchase. So me. It was screaming my name so I had to buy it.

Easy Summer Salad

Cook quinoa per instructions on package (and put in fridge for at least 2 hours)

Removed chilled quinoa from fridge.

Add finely chopped cilantro.  Use as much as you like. If you dislike the taste of cilantro, you can substitute Italian style flat leaf parsley.

Add one large chopped tomato and one cucumber.

1/2 small red onion finely chopped.

Mix together.

Add the juice of one freshly squeezed large lemon.

Coat and mix with Farm Boy Lemon Garlic Dressing.

Super easy and tastes like summer in a bowl


Keeps for 3 days (just keep adding more freshly squeezed lemon juice).

Brilliant resume.

(found on Pinterest)