Monday, October 05, 2009

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

So I initially heard about this concept from a local radio station in town....each member of the morning show made a list of 25 things that they want to accomplish in 1001 days. The idea comes from the website Day Zero.

According to Day Zero the idea is "a unique meme that challenges and inspires you to set and complete realistic goals in life."

It's all about tasks that are new to you...things you've always wanted to do/try but never found the time or made excuses to put it on hold for a later date. It's all about coming out of your comfort zone and just going for can be a simple task or something daring.

It's about being adventurous and taking the only live once and like Oprah & Dr. Oz preach it's all about living your best life every single day and making the most of it. It's about learning something new and engaging yourself with people around you...making that connection. And most importantly it's all about having fun and finally sticking to a list that you've made. No more broken promises to yourself.

Have fun with your list...the possibilities are endless.

My list....I'll add to it as I come up with things...

  1. learn how to use a sewing machine
  2. learn to make a quilt
  3. make an article of clothing for each of my kids
  4. learn to make my own jewellery
  5. go for a walk in the rain with my kids
  6. read one book to my children every day
  7. try a new recipe every month
  8. donate blood every 2 months
  9. write a letter [old skool] to a friend
  10. volunteer / serving food to the homeless
  11. make a snow angel
  12. finish 5 crosswords
  13. take my mom out to lunch
  14. do a 5K run for charity with my husband
  15. take golf lessons
  16. build a snowman with my kids
  17. go see a performance of the N.A.C Orchestra
  18. go see an opera
  19. randomly send an old friend flowers
  20. meet an old friend for coffee
  21. meet a new friend for coffee
  22. take one dance lesson with my husband
  23. donate food items to the food bank once a month
  24. go for a hike
  25. play golf with my husband at least twice
  26. bring my son to the movie theatre for the first time
  27. bake a pie from scratch...pie crust included
  28. go though my things and only keep what I really need/use/ a life without clutter.
  29. finish reading the books that I have started [and not buy any more until I do]
  30. register to become a organ/tissue donor
  31. register to be on the Canadian bone marrow registry
  32. take a [international foods] cooking class
  33. go to Church with my son at least once a month [cause it makes my dad happy]
  34. audition for a play [community theatre]
  35. get over my fear of heights: take a hot air balloon ride
  36. go see a performance at the Gladstone Theatre
  37. have my Zia teach me how to make tortellini
  38. have my Zia teach me how to make cannoli
  39. have my Zia teach me how to make torta di mandorle
  40. have my mother in law teach me to make matzo ball soup
  41. go for a weekend getaway with my sister and mother
  42. go a whole weekend without Facebook/Twitter
  43. visit with a different family member once a month
  44. organize the cousin's dinner [dad's side] and make it a yearly tradition
  45. finally take a drive with the family and visit Norm in Perth
  46. learn to take a compliment well
  47. learn to always be present in the's far too easy to be distracted
  48. have my palm read
  49. go camping for a weekend
  50. be with friends once a month to reconnect
  51. take myself out to dinner
  52. give a gift to someone for no reason at all
  53. tell a manager that an employee has done a fantastic job with helping me
  54. schedule a family charity day 2x/year clean out closets to donate their unused items
  55. write thank you notes for gifts
  56. learn not to say yes when I really mean no
  57. get to know my neighbours
  58. write a letter of thanks for a good product or customer service
  59. meet the Yummy Mummy bloggers in real life
  60. write a letter to the editor
  61. finish a 1000 piece puzzle
  62. write a children's book
  63. finish at least 3 more chapters of the book I've been writing
  64. write lyrics to a song and have someone record it
  65. learn to whistle
  66. add to my existing tattoo
  67. be a voice for for a book on tape or animated flick/TV show
  68. walk a mile in another woman's shoes: by sponsoring one woman as part of the Women for Women International campaign
  69. tell my kids every day that they can be anything....that possibilities are endless
  70. teach my kids to never give up on a dream ~ never give up hope
  71. randomly pay for someone's coffee behind me in line at the drive thru
  72. teach my kids something new every day
  73. learn something new every day

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Loukia said...

That's a great list and I think you can accomplish everything on it - the scariest one for me to do from YOUR list? Making a pie from scratch... including the crust! Wow... good luck with that one! ;)