Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Two more adds for 'My Favourite Things' list...

First up: A Spoonful of Chocolate recycled book handbags....hello Oprah would love these...

Ultimately 100% of all profits will go to the handbag designer's father, who is facing losing the house he built with his own two hands.

Plus she'll even make you a custom item: "Please note, custom orders do take time. It takes extra time to find the perfect book and fabric therefore I charge $45 for a custom book handbag and $22.50 for a custom book passport holder."

And second on the list & yet another Oprah would love item...me & 'O' are so alike...le sigh:

Not a huge flats fan...something to do with being 5'1 and my mom constantly drilling into me that when you're short you should always wear heels...yeah well try that with two kids ages 3 and 1 and who are always on the go...but I digress.

I have finally found a pair that I have been wearing religiously every day since I got them. The name of these must have ballet shoes is "Pretty Ballerinas".

The flats are tres chic, super comfortable, superior quality, beautifully hand-made and they give a boost to my daily mommy uniform of jeans and tank tops. And the pink boxes they come in are totally reminiscent of the ones my first ballet shoes came in when I took ballet classes at Greta Leeming School of Dance.

Pretty Ballerinas was created in 2005 and is a division of MASCARĂ“, a family-based
company founded in 1918 and the best news is they'll be opening up their first North American boutique in Montreal [in Westmount on Victoria Avenue] in early Fall 2009...yay for Canada!

Pretty Ballerinas, already has quite the celebrity following, including: Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss, and Lindsay Lohan. And the much anticipated boutique is already creating quite the buzz here in Canada

The Canadian website will be be launching this Fall [2009] and the ultimate bonus for the trendiest of fashionistas, a limited number of each style will be produced so the ballet flats maintain their exclusivity. To quote one Paris Hilton, 'That's like so hot.'

Happy shopping!

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