Friday, June 19, 2009

Find of the week...

My late Zia Italia was known for three things her devotion to the Catholic Church, her amazing skills as an artist [her paintings were so beautiful] and the Raggedy Ann dolls she used to sew.

Everyone in my family got was her gift to each new family member. When I had my own daughter I lovingly placed one of the dolls my Zia had made years ago on her bookshelf. It's a doll that I hope will be passed down through generations because it just as much about my family history as it is a good bedtime cuddling toy.

There is something to be said for handmade dolls that can't be said for the ones you buy in the big box stores. Handcrafted dolls have a story to tell and they are carefully and lovingly crafted by someone who has a passion for what they do.

So this week I was thrilled to find these dolls made by a mom of three very busy kids in Ohio. Her company is called Bit Of Whimsy Dolls. She sells handcrafted dolls and the patterns she uses to create them.

This stay at home mommy decided to start making the dolls because she just couldn't find what she wanted for her daughters in stores, "When my daughter was born, I looked everywhere for her First Doll and was disappointed that I could not find what I was looking for. It took me two years to gather the confidence to make a doll for her and the Doodle Girl (named after my daughter's nickname) was born. My daughter especially inspires me to create new friends. There is something special about seeing a child snuggled up with a handmade doll. The love that goes into making the doll and the love given to it by a child is what keeps me going. Sounds sappy, I know!"

You can also find her line on The dolls range from $28 and $42 and can also be special ordered [where you can choose the ethnicity of the doll, the kind of fabric you want used and whether you want the doll to be a boy, girl or animal].

The set of Limited Edition Series 1 Dolls are so beautiful and quirky. With names like Mae, Doodle Girl, Millie Monkey, Gertie Goat, Little Peanut and Olivia Owl...what's not to love?

It just doesn't end there...there are so many talented, crafty women channelling their artistic vibes into very cool products that they sell... is my new go to place for unique products and special gift giving ideas...

Other cool products that are worth checking out: SpoonfulofChocolate, LilMissDolls, CrazyMokesDesigns, papercrafybyk and graceannouncements.

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