Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phone conversation...3 year old style

So I walk into my 3 year old's room this afternoon and he's sitting on the floor playing with one of daddy's ancient cell phones.
For the sake of our 3 year old the phone is very real and really works [yes I occasionally lie to my kids - don't judge me, you do it too....]

But I digress...

This is the 'in-progress phone call conversation' I walk in on....

Matteo: Yes Mr. Policeman, Isabella is very annoying today. She is always touching my toys and biting me. I want you to come and get her and bring her to jail. She can do her time-out chair with you. She is very terrible to me. My mommy says it's OK if you come. OK bye. I have to poop now.

And can you feel the sibling love. Get me a Kleenex I'm gettin' all vaclempt.

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