Thursday, June 04, 2009

BeechNut Let's Grow! Tummy Trays: take 2

Alright apparently it's the soft hearted mom in me that sucked up my hard lined 'one chance only' code that once ruled my world, but I caved in and I decided to give the BeechNut Let's Grow! toddler meal option one more chance. I'm such a sucker.

Confession: OK FINE drag it out of me. I had nothing in the fridge the other night and I was way too tired to cook anything. So during my travels to go grab take-out [note to trainer: yes it was a healthy choice...or as healthy as I could find] I stopped in at Shopper's Drug Mart and grabbed the Mac & Cheese Tummy Tray.

And because the mission of my 1 year old daughter is to constantly contradict me and prove me wrong, it really should not have surprised me in the least that she absolutely loved the 30-second mac & cheese zapped meal in the microwave oven.

Now grant it, it really hard to screw up mac & cheese but I'll give props where props are due. The fact that my daughter devoured the entire tray with a certain sense of gusto I was impressed. And because I have a policy that I have to try everything that I give my kids, I did the mommy duty and took a bite. And I must say that it was fairly actually had some good flavouring going on and the noodles were cooked perfectly that it makes for an easy chewing and swallowing process for toddlers.

Now let's not kid ourselves here, ______ (insert name of five star restaurant here) won't be serving it on their menu anytime soon, but in those desperate "there is nothing, I don't want to make nuthin' moments' we all face as we stare blankly into the fridge wishing we had access to a private chef, this is one food option that totally works in a pinch.

So hats off to you BeechNut on your Mac & Cheese Tummy Tray. I have four stacked away in the pantry for emergency 'mommy is having a cooking meltdown' purposes.

So to review:

The BeechNut Let's Grow! Tomato Tummy Tray - total why bother situation due to the suckage of the product

The BeechNut Let's Grow! Mac & Cheese Tummy Tray
- two thumbs up from the picky- foodie-in-the-making-1-year-old and one 'has an apparent soft spot for BeechNut' mommy.

Now off to the kitchen to make lunch...and maybe if I click my heels three times before I open the fridge, the meal fairy will have left something totally fabulous that I just have to reheat....yeah I know, wishful thinking.

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