Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mommy my brain really hurts.....

You know the saying 'oh you must have gotten your second wind'...well before bedtime my 3 year old goes through winds 2, 3, 4, and 5 before he's ready to say 'ciao, ciao' to the day that was.

He's always been like that...super busy, into everything, running never walking, yapping away a million miles a minute...simply put he's always on the go. My little Tasmanian Devil he is.

So tonight when he passed on his hot dog, (with just mustard mommy, ketchup goes on on hamburgers only....spoken like the true New Yorker he's not) and he asked if we could go upstairs without watching his favourite TV show 'Olivia', I knew something was not right with my little guy.

30 minutes later he's cuddled up in my arms on the floor and crying because his 'brain really, really hurts' and that slight temperature he's had the last few days is now a full blown hot to the touch fever.

'Mommy please make my head stop hurting so much...please Mommy," cue this Mommy's heart breaking and feeling of total helplessness.

One dose of liquid Tylenol later, bubblegum flavoured of course, and mr. hyper active 24-7, is too tired to play anymore and tells me his head "hurts too much to read any books with anybody tonight. Mommy I just want to lie down. Maybe if I lie down my brain will stop hurting."
20 minutes later, at 7:35PM, my little man is sleeping away curled up on his bed, in the fetal position, clutching his 'teddy blanket' in his arms.

It's right then and there at moment that I wish they could stay 3 forever. And you realize that you love your kids more you than you ever thought possible.

Goodnight my sweet, kind prince. Hope you feel better in the morning.
Mommy loves you very much.


Natalie Rea said...

You've captured beautifully exactly how moms feel. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Gawd, thanks for the tears! so sweet...that is certainly how we feel when they are that vulnerable. Hope he feels better in the am ;)