Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The hair disaster...

Good gawd what a day.
So much drama.

My husband brought my three and a half year old son for a 'clean-up' haircut this morning at 10:30AM.

My husband has always said he thought our son would look cute in a really short 'I've signed up for the military' naturally he went and asked for a #2 buzz cut.

My son took one look in the mirror after the 'Magicuts' lady did the first pass and the floodgate of tears opened up.

That turned into a full meltdown once the haircut was over. He was totally inconsolable.
My little man bawled his eyes out. He wanted my husband and the 'cutting lady' to pick up his hair and stick it back on his head.

To put it mildly, he HATES his hair.

He has it in his little head that he isn't handsome anymore. More specifically that I don't think he's handsome anymore. He didn't even want to come into the house to show me, saying that he wanted to 'stay in the car in the garage forever and ever until my hair grows back.'

He is so sad. As of 4:42PM he still won't look in the mirror because he thinks he's ugly.

I had no idea he would have such a strong attachment to his hair. Or that he even understood the concept of 'feeling or looking ugly'.

He just doesn't understand that in time his hair will grow back. He keeps pointing to a picture of himself prior to the cut saying 'I want my hair like that Mommy. Can you fix my hair? Please?'

Le sigh.

Well at least I now know that my husband, who for the record feels like total and utter crap, will never ask for a buzz cut for our son again.

And to my little prince, hair or no hair, Mommy thinks you are the most handsome boy in the whole world.

That I promise you.

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