Thursday, January 07, 2010

Facebook Hiatus

So somehow I talked myself into a one month self imposed Facebook hiatus.
A friend of mine, who is anti-social media as one can get [don't get me started], claimed that I have a Facebook problem...claiming that it's more like an addiction of sorts.

Cue the repeated rolling my eyes.

Anyways I took that blanket statement as a direct challenge so I stated that I did not in fact have a Facebook problem and that I could very easily stay away for one whole month.

That was January 1st.

Now the emails from well intentioned and concerned friends are coming, wondering as to my sudden and abrupt absence from the world of word of a lie.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Everything OK? I haven't seen any YMC updates lately...hope you had a great holiday break..
  • How are you? You've been suspiciously absent from FB. Everything ok?
  • Just thought I'd check in...haven't seen any of your witty updates on Facebook...everything ok?
  • You've been quietly lately...that's not like you.
Ummm yeah about that...maybe [that's a maybe] I do spent a lot of time on Facebook BUT it's not an addiction. Really.

Oh February 1st hurry up already...I am feeling the start of Facebook withdrawal.

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