Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I admit that I got sucked into the Facebook 'Farmville' vortex, to the point where perhaps it has become slightly an addiction of sorts...yes it seems that this city girl is apparently a virtual farming girl at heart.

But let's make it clear that this love of farming exists only in the virtual world...I mean my fab shoe collection would never cut it in the corn fields.

But I digress.

My husband, who enjoys mocking me on a daily basis for my 'harvest, plow, seed' rituals, sent me this link to an article on Good.is

It was written by Peter Smith. A food columnist who collects rumblings from the collective gut, around the dinner table, and across the food world.

He wrote an article on the game Farmville and he believes it is a detriment to the farming industry...

What Does Farmville Mean for Farmers?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Mr. Smith made quite the leap with the views in his article...

Scott Todd who left this comment put it best:

"I can only hope and pray that our country hasn't sunken to such a level of idiocy that a Facebook game can actually affect the entire agricultural industry. It's disheartening enough to know that a "journalist" actually wasted the time to write an article about this worthless garbage. Maybe next week we'll hear about how the excess of taxis in NYC has spawned a breakout of jaundice in the Big Apple. After all, yellow paint should result in yellow people..."

Props to Mr. Todd.

Now I have a crop to go harvest.

[Image credits: Good.is]

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