Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Katie Couric's new hair....

As I was watching the CBS coverage of Barack Obama's Inauguration [which by the way was really well bravo CBS] I was distracted by Katie's new haircut.

And the verdict is.....I hate it.

She looks about 10 years older and its a complete Diane Sawyer copy...minus the opposite directional parting of the hair....

And apparently the new is a causing a national stir south of the border.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that she's trying to confuse people by having them think she is Diane Sawyer in hopes to get more viewers over to the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric...[her ratings haven't been that great since she made the jump from the co-host chair on NBC's Today Show.]

I still think Katie is an incredibly talented reporter and anchor and she has managed to breathe new life into what I thought was a very stale old boys network over at CBS but I still stand by my suggestion of getting a new stylist.

So Katie..I still love you...just hate your hair.

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