Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Filmography 2010

Now grant it I haven't been to the movie theater since the 'Wedding Crashers' - damn children screwing up my movie viewing schedule...but after seeing this I feel like I'm all caught up.

It's a movie mash-up at it's best.

YouTube Video Chronicling The Year In Film:

genrocks | December 13, 2010 |
This year's movies have legitimately transformed my idea of what is creatively possible. To commemorate, I've remixed 270 of them into one giant ass video.

1. Ratatat - Nostrand -
2. Kanye West - Power -
3. Rooney - Not In My House -
4. Apartment - Fall Into Place -
5. Civil Twilight - Letters from the Sky -
6. SUNBEARS! - Little Baby Pines -

Films in order of appearance:

Note: My film selection process was fairly open; anything that was either produced or distributed in 2010 was fair game (I also consulted this Wikipedia entry). This is why some movies are labelled 2009 or 2011 on IMDB. Also, this by no means constitutes a comprehensive list of films that came out in 2010. That would have been exhausting.

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