Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day 2009....

It's less than 24 hours away from Mother's Day 2009 I decided to take some time to reflect on Motherhood thus far...

I'm just a little over three years into the gig and I'm still learning on the job everyday and working the kinks out as they come up...and there are a lot of kinks...some of it you expect and some stuff falls under the 'boggles the mind' category.

You're always looking for answers in Motherland but you don't necessarily find them or at least the ones that provide the quick fix that at times you are so desperate to find. It's a lot about improvisation and fly by the seat of your pants methodology.

I've read all the parenting articles and read my way through a book or two. And so far the best advice I've gotten is from the tried and true...other parents. I mean if anyone knows what you're going through it's another parent.

Every day is an adventure. Every day is a study in human development and interaction. Every day is a lesson in being selfless and what it means to love and be loved.

Every day is an experience, good and bad. I'm still working on the bad days....those tantrum, crying, yelling filled days from a very wanna be independent, strong willed 3 year old. You pick your battles for the day...some things you led slide and others you lay down the law....Mommy style. Some days the time out chair works and other days not so much. What works for one family doesn't mean it will work for the family next's all about experimenting and trying different things. Every child is's all about finding the right balance.

Ahhhh yes...balance...that's a juggling act that I'll be working on for a long time...getting my ass in gear and being organized all while having two little ones who constantly need your undivided attention is the hardest thing I've had to do....

I question my parenting abilities every now and then...sometimes it can be overwhelming but those days pale in comparison to most days...when you look at your kids and know that everything you ever wanted is right in front of you and that things are really going to be OK.

I've leaned to work on patience...and just breathing and enjoying the moments for what they are...the toys can be put back tomorrow and the laundry room will one day sit empty of dirty clothes....but for it really that dire?

I've learned that something as simple as sitting and reading to my two children can be one of the most satisfying things that I could ever do...who knew that a so simple an act could be so rewarding...for both my kids and myself.

I've learned that the words...'Mommy I love you so much'...are the most beautiful of six words to ever be spoken....and the hugs and kisses that follow are the true icing on the cake.

And with all that said here are two things that I know will never ever get answered:

1. WHY is it that every time my 3 year old son wears a brand new pair of PJs he wets the bed....?
No really it's like even happened when he was in diapers....seriously he's going to wear his current stock of PJs until they are mere shreds of material....because there is nothing I like more than changing and washing sheets at 2:30AM....and even better when it's in Mommy & Daddy's bed on Mommy's side....

2. Fish Crackers....oh Pepperidge Farm you are a blessing and curse all rolled into got my little 1 year old daughter to actually like eating non pureed food with you crunchy fish cracker goodness but no she thinks it counts as an actual food group....breakfast, lunch and dinner....hmmm perhaps the makers of Fish Crackers can create a full veggie, fruit, protein styled cracker...she'll be eating an entire well balanced meal in the form of a cracker....Pepperidge Farm call me....

So to all the Mommies out there....enjoy the day for what it is....a day of reflection in what the world of Motherland is all about.

Happy Mother's Day.

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