Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabulous art course for women....

There is a fantastic creative arts and supply shop store in Ottawa called A Fine Mess.

It is a place that thrives on one simple philosophy: We believe that you can Live life to the fullest, unleash your creative potential and Laugh amongst friends. There is always more to Learn from others and that’s why we love what we do!

I was browsing there adult programs that they offer and came across one that completely peaked my interest.

I think it is a great gift for a women to give to herself and to all the women in her life.

The course is called Body Art Journal.

Here is how the course is described on the website:
The goal of this class is to have a group of women come together to create beautiful art while celebrating their unique bodies, bumps and sags; to laugh and feel comfortable in their own skin.
In this 6 week course you will create an art journal that will celebrate your body, and begin to tell the tale of your journey to self love.
You will build and construct an art journal and fill it with colorful paint, pen doodles, image transfers, and personal journaling.
Each class will also have a group discussion on a topic related to body image and self esteem.

Love it.
Here is the contact information:
3191 Strandherd Drive, Unit 104
phone: 613-825-0053

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