Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I found out about this fab contest from a posting on my friend Michelle's props to her.

From SMITH Magazine:

Six-Word MOMoirs! • CONTEST: Six words on being a mother or your relationship with your mom.

Whether you are a mother or just have one, everyone has a six-word mom story to tell—a "Six-Word MOMoir." SMITH Mag is teaming up with TruuMomConfessions and Postcards From Yo Momma for a six-word mom challenge. We'll choose our favorite six six-word stories about being a mother or your relationship with your own mom. Each winner will get a book of their choice from one of the above sites, or a T-shirt with his or her MOMoir on it from our partner, Spreadshirt.

My entry?  Just in case you were curious...

Karma kicking me in the ass.  

[Yes my dear 2 year old Isabella that one's just for you.  Mommy loves you.]

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