Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rock 'n Roll babies...

A few weeks ago a good friend sent me an email with a a subject heading that read: 'I will now blow your mind.'
And she did. She's pregnant. And it's all a good thing, my friend and the BF are beyond super thrilled and so are the soon-to-be grandparents. But if was most definitely my WTF? moment for the week (to put it mildly).

So after I collected the pieces of my exploded brain pieces off of the kitchen floor, I sent her the 'congratulations' email wishing her all the best and described my utter delight in the fact that she was going to finally get fat [yeah she's one of those gorgeous perfect, face, eyes, body kinda girlfriends you love to hate].

Then I immediately started my online search for the perfect gift for the baby. I should note that mommy and daddy-to-be are the quintessential rock 'n roll fashion statements [black nail polish and skull rings to boot] would only be fitting that baby will be sporting the rock 'n roll look too.

A totally fierce looking bundle of joy...I can't wait.

So here are some of the very kewl sites that I found in my search...rock 'n roll baby fashion heaven:

Sassy Monsters For the hip and rockin' baby or infant - couture baby clothes to reflect their individual style.

Punk Baby Clothes For that baby who rocks...punk rock, goth and band apparel.

Hive Tees Organic baby onesies with assorted rock 'n roll designs.

Rock Your Baby For the prematurely hip: funky cool baby clothes & baby-wear for groovy babies & trendy toddlers.

Rock 'n Roll Baby Wear Cool baby clothes, punk rock baby diaper bags, trendy clothing & baby bling. Seriously they do have the coolest & hippest diaper bags ever.

Psycho Baby Cool, crazy baby & kids stuff...everything from The Ramones, KISS, Nirvana, AC~DC & tons more

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