Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cynics after my own heart...

Finally a parenting book that I can totally relate to and be forewarned all dear family & friends it's going to be my go-to baby shower gift from now on, so no copying!

Found this gem in my latest issue of Today's Parent Magazine. The book is called The Official Guide to Dysfunctional Parenting by Frederick Muench, PhD. & Gregory Nemec.

If you dig the art of sarcasm this book was written for you...because unlike some other syrupy/ gushy parenting books this one is all about how to smother, scare, disorient and alienate your kids...

Hello...finally two authors that speaketh my language:

"Dysfunctional parenting comes as naturally as learning to crawl.
So, you may ask, why write a how-to book about something we have already mastered with no real formal training? Aren't the influences of television, societ
y, and our own imperfect upbringing enough?
While all of the above are useful, they tend to contribute to the process subconsciously. Wouldn't you like to be completely aware of your innate dysfunctional child-rearing abilities? Haven't you wondered about all of the areas of dysfunctional parenting that you may have overlooked?
By following these simple suggestions, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you know exactly why your children are in therapy.


And if you'd like to take a step into the can pull up a therapist’s couch and share your stories on the Dysfunctional Parenting blog
Some examples of parents who have dared take the purge myself of dysfunctional parenting horror stories and cleansed their souls:

To their little girl who is in the process of potty training but still has BM accidents in her pull-up: “If you poop in your pull-up, a rat will come in there and bite your butt.” (Hmmm. Any wonder she’s constipated?)

“How did grandma die?” “Well, she went to sleep last night and just didn’t wake up.” and then are frustrated that their 3-year-old won’t go to bed at night.

“If you don’t keep your room clean, bugs will come in there and eat your dolls.”

Really what is not to love about this book? Really.

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