Thursday, March 12, 2009

P Diddy on Ellen

So P Diddy made an appearance on the Ellen show.

Let's just say that I wasn't a fan of the man before the show and now I like him even less if that is at all possible.

Ellen asked him about inviting Chris Brown and Rihanna to his mansion after the assault, so that they could reconcile.

Seriously can someone please shut him up?

How about you just say that you don't smack a woman around period...end of story....
It's that black and white.

This is not about 'casting a stone' or passing judgement....this is about telling your friend what he did was wrong...
And he has to answer for what he did.
Its called accountability.
Something P Diddy refuses to verbalize.

He talks about relationships getting ugly.
Yes, they do P Diddy but when it comes to abusive leave, you get out of it.
You don't put up the abuser and the victim in your house so they can work things out...

You want to spend that money of yours wisely?
How about setting up Chris Brown with some needed therapy to overcome his very obvious demons?

I don't need to know the back story, I just needed to see what Mr. Brown did to Rihanna's face...
And now they are back together...thanks to your housing arrangement.

Yes P Diddy, a fine example you've set for all the young women who have had boyfriends beat the crap out of them...
Its all good...we've given you all has been fixed...
No how about you both need counselling, therapy and you need to be away from each other.
Because it never just ends at one time.....its always just the beginning.

What I would like to ask P Diddy is this...
Let say that hypothetically one day, your daughter's future boyfriend beats the crap out of her, would you do the same and invite them both to your vacation house so they could 'work it out'?
Think about it.
Yeah that's what I thought.

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