Thursday, December 04, 2008

Travels in Shanghai...

My friend Colin is in Shanghai on a business trip....and this is is an email I received from him the other day....[yes he's always this sarcastic & witty...a natural...]

Things I've learned in Shanghai...
I've learned...
-It's totally ok to turn left regardless of what lane you start in. Ditto for right turns.
-Lanes are just a suggestion. The white lines are there but nobody really pays attention to them.
Traffic lights are also a suggestion. More of a guideline. Red lights are sometimes optional in heavy traffic.
-It's ok to cut someone off even if they're right beside you.
-It's ok to pass someone using the oncoming traffic lanes.
-Pededstrians and people on scooters/bikes are a nuisance to drivers and don't really count as anything. I'm shocked there are not more people killed.
-Restaurants have menus with pictures on them - key to see what you're actually ordering.
-It's one hell of a benefit to have a person who speaks Cantonese in your group. That way you actually know what meat is in the pictures you see on the menus.
-The DVDs I brought don't work in the DVD player in the hotel.
-Contrary to popular, North American belief, I'm not considered to be a Godzilla figure. I'm still short but there are way more people like me over here.
-Hooters still sucks...although it's way more entertaining over here. Anytime you can have a group of 7 Chinese Hooters girls sing 'You Are My Sunshine' to you, it's worth the price of admission.
-13 hour time differences suck.
-Smog is cool. However, it's losing its popularity. There are a zillion trees here - replantation is going strong.
-Dave Matthews' song, 'Don't Drink The Water', should be taken literally by Westerners. Thankfully I was forewarned.
-English TV channels have subtitles and the sound doesn't match the mouth movements. Take that Bruce Lee.
-'You're Welcome' must be the first thing they learn in English class. They love saying the point of getting uncomfortable. But they are very eager to show you they can speak English - and most of them are pretty good at it. I on the other hand cannot speak a lick of Cantonese.
-There are 8000 characters in the Cantonese 'alphabet'. Take that ABC.
-They don't have heat over here. It's freezing everywhere and they like it like that. If you ever come here, bring warm clothing.

More to come...I'm going shopping this weekend to the 'market'...should be interesting...

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