Sunday, November 30, 2008

the hmmmm files...very random Hollywood type things...

1. hmmm: where is her fricken coat? Ok we get it Suri is cute. [if you've been living under a rock and don't know her by only her first name...Suri is the child of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes]
Suri loves to wear pretty, expensive designer dresses and has the latest haircut that all little girls want to copy...she's the fashion trendsetter of the preschool world.
Suri is paraded weekly up and down the streets and parks of New York City so the paparazzi can get there priceless picture to sell off to the tabloids and entertainment outlets.
But seriously its the Fall, its cold and she's still walking around without a coat. In every picture I've seen since September, while everyone else is bundled up, it seems that Suri is immune to the cold.
Let me know where I can send my cheque so TomKat can buy her a coat....

2. hmmm: what ever happened to? I loved Jake Ryan. I wanted Jake Ryan to be my boyfriend. From the moment I watched 16 Candles I fell head over heels for Michael Schoeffling...aka Jake Ryan. He was cute, confident but shy and had the sexiest smile.
But then Schoeffling fell off the face of the planet. What happened to him?
He so should of been a huge break out star from that movie...but nothing.
I have googled and the most I could up with is
Michael is married with two children, living in Northern Pennsylvania working as a carpenter and woodworker.
I'm glad he's happy...but please someone get him a script....this man so needs a comeback...
And I still think he is a dead ringer for Matt Dillon's lost twin brother.

3. hmmm: worst possible misuse of YouTube: I'll give it to her, when she was a young TV child star on everyone's favorite Cosby Show, Raven Symone was cute, adorable and funny. Now I just find her so annoying...
And this is the last place I would ever go to for how-to-tips on fruit punch, mini sandwiches, fancy dog collars or how to fix my underwire bra []

Apparently there's a market for it because for the low, low price of 16.99 US you can buy the DVD with all these nifty projects and more!

Who knew that Raven had her heart set on being the next Martha?

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