Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love this product!

A year and a half ago our family went through the 'teddy has gone missing' drama.

My son lost his teddy blankie on a day long shopping trip and that sent him in a major meltdown. He was mad, angry and ultimately he turned into a very sad little boy who cried for his missing friend.

He loved that thing with all his heart and of course we only had the one, and the one just happened to be nowhere to be found in any store in town.

So that led mommy on a crazed 2-week internet search and I attempted to find the identical BFF teddy blankie for Matteo [and when I did find a site that sold them, I stocked up by buying 2 spares....just in case] because FORGET about trying to replace the beloved pal with an imposter. As Matteo put it, Mommy I can't have a stranger sleep with me....from the mouth of babes.

Needless to say after going through all that, I vowed [and so did my husband] that I was not going to go through the same mad panic scramble scenario with my daughter Isabella.

My husband came across this product by Angel Dear at Chapter's/'s a 3-pak chenille blankie pair and one to spare...all bundled up in a cute keepsake box.

It's been a lifesaver.

I can wash one without going noticed and if one gets lost there is always another waiting to be hugged to death by Isabella.

Until they come with some blankie GPS device this is the best $36 [Cdn]investment we've made to date....

Because hell hath no fury like an Isabella sans her monkey....

I've learned that until you have children you really don't know what the term 'inseparable' really means...

Plus any added peace of mind [and restful night sleeps] that mommy and daddy can have is always a good thing...

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