Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kiddie Karma

+ = not a good idea

I'm convinced that the behaviour of my 3 year old son and my 11 month old daughter over the last few days can be attributed to kiddie karma.
And my parents are the ones getting the last laugh.

I was one of those super hyper, overly dramatic kids...who always got into something...
I was always on the go and I never stopped was non stop 'why, what, when' 24-7...and I never took naps...

I also made life for my mom and dad very interesting....whether it was only eating [any meal] in the summer if was outside on the front steps or collecting the little frogs around my neighbourhood with my next door neighbour and putting them all in his pool so they could have a bath...
Yes never a dull moment.

I was so hyper apparently, that one of my uncles thought I was possessed and told my mom he should bring me to a priest to be exorcised.
My mom brought me to the doctor instead.

And he prescribed Ritalin.
After one month on the drug my mom took me off.
She decided that she would deal with my ridiculous hyper activity as opposed to having to deal with a zombie-like child who barely spoke a word or moved around.

So my daughter's extremely short temper, intense dislike for sleeping through the night (because apparently she thinks she's missing out on something) general moodiness and clingy for Mommy's arms should not come as a surprise...
(She is so going to be the one sneaking out of her bedroom window)
Nor should my son's experiments...

Ah yes my little scientist.
Like the one yesterday where he wanted to see if his toothbrush would flush down the toilet....(which it did)
I found out about that experiment, when he came running into the bedroom, with that 'guilty look' on his face saying...'It's OK Mommy nothing happened. I didn't do it on was only an accident Mommy, it's OK You don't have to get mad."
(I am so grateful that my dad is a 'jack of all trades' and only lives 10 minutes away)
And my son summed it all up by saying..."It's OK mommy if they can fix a Formula 1 car when they get into an accident when they are can fix a's not bad...don't get mad silly."
He has an answer for EVERYTHING.

Or this afternoon when my son took everything out of his drawers, closet, toy box and storage containers and laid everything out on the floor because he was going to have a garage sale....
Thank you Peter Walsh...
That is the last time Matteo watches Oprah.

Truly it is a wonder that I don't drink more than I do.

I have to go...things are far too quiet in the house...and that is NEVER a good thing...

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Earth To Mother Ship said...

Hahah I love the garage sale concept. How entrapenuerial of Matteo!